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Patelai 160 Sheets A6 Size Plain Refill Colored Ruled Refill Journal Notebook Refillable Paper for Journals Notebooks, Diary Book

60 Sheets A6 size plain refill colored ruled refill journal notebook refillable paper for journals notebooks, diary book

Durable material:
Made of paper, quality material, it's thick and durable, the surface of the paper is smooth, which allow you to write fluently, you can feel comfortable when you touch it, make writing enjoyable.

4 Different colors:
We have yellow, pink, blue and green colors for you, you can use different colors to make notes for different purposes, easy for you to distinguish.

Wide usage:
These sheets of paper are refillable, with 6 holes on one side, you can thread them together with ropes or metal hooks, nice for you to apply as journal notebooks, diary books, office and school notebooks, fit for most pens.

Detailed information:
Material: paper
Size: 7 x 9.5 cm/ 6.7 x 3.7 inches (LW)
Colors: yellow, pink, blue, green

Package includes:
4 Sets colored refillable paper (60 sheets totally)

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Plain Size A6 Sheets 160 Patelai Refill Book Diary Notebooks, Journals for Paper Refillable Notebook Journal Refill Ruled Colored Filler Paper

Plain Size A6 Sheets 160 Patelai Refill Book Diary Notebooks, Journals for Paper Refillable Notebook Journal Refill Ruled Colored Filler Paper

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jeremy clarkson, 61, had quite a bit to say about the backlash countryfile have been getting recently and addressed claims his amazon prime show clarkson’s farm, has “done more for farming” than the bbc flagship programme has in the past 30 years. but while he disagrees with the fact the show, as a whole, is not a farming show, he hopes to save one of the presenters who he believes has an “off-camera” gun to his head.

this would be farm to front room, with no bbc interference in between

jeremy clarkson

in an expert of his latest column for the sun, jeremy took aim at the bbc for making countryfile just a “celebration of minorityism”.

“it doesn’t even try to tell us what’s going on in the countryside, only what its producers wish was going on,” he pointed out.

“which is why we get items about women lying under trees in a wood, humming.”

while he recognised they were getting a lot of stick, he hoped the programme’s resident farmer adam henson, would begin his own show where “he can say what he likes”.

“i actually feel sorry for the show’s farmer adam henson,” jeremy began, “because i’ve been in the business long enough to know he’s talking with one hand tied behind his back and an off-camera gun to his head.

“he’s a b***dy good presenter and a nice guy and what i’d like to see is a series called henson unleashed, where he can say what he wants. and he can start, in show one, by telling us the truth about badgers.”

he added: “we all want farming to fork, where the middlemen are cut out.

“well this would be farm to front room, with no bbc interference in between.”

express.co.uk have contacted bbc for comment.

it comes after millions tuned in to watch the grand tour star’s latest venture as he attempts to run his 1,000 acre diddly squat farm himself.

the hugely-successful eight part series documents the highs and lows of farming, and his efforts even won him the nfu’s (national farmer’s union) farming champion of the year for promoting home-grown food.

in a recent interview, farmer james rebanks told the publication that the farming community loved jeremy’s programme and slammed countryfile for some of their content over the past three decades.

“i can report back from within the farming community. they all loved that programme. they loved it,” he told the sun.

“ok, he’s clowning around, and he plays to that audience, and a lot of farmers are lads that like machines and they would have watched top gear and all the rest of it.”

he continued: “but what they really liked is [that] they have been frankly p****d off with countryfile for about 30 years because the whole logic of countryfile is that you can’t make a mainstream, prime-time tv programme about farming because farming is for a niche group of idiots.”

james said that despite there were “silly bits” in the show, jeremy still managed to highlight the economics of farming.

he said: “what clarkson has come along and done is gone, ‘actually, no, everybody will watch a programme about farming, you just need to do it in a certain way.’

“what they really like is he got people to spend 10-15 minutes of a programme thinking about farm economics and how tough it is.

“there were silly bits… but in the farming community they are just delighted that someone high profile would stick up for them or have any kind of genuine empathy.”

during the series, which has been commissioned for a second by amazon prime, the former top gear host is seen buying a comically big lamborghini tractor and viewers watched as he failed to farm his fields correctly.

he also ran into major issues by taking on a herd of troublesome sheep, all while dealing with unpreventable environmental factors and weather which destoryed his crops.

james concluded: “the other nice bit of the programme is, he sends himself up and in a funny way makes the working-class rural men the heroes of the programmes, and that goes down very well in our community.”

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